She's the talk of the town. Haven't you heard?

Catherine Lovell is a fashion designer quickly ascending her way into fame, living in the heart of New York City and it's dazzling penchant for wealth and opportunity. In the twenties anything could happen and that's a chance this lovely lady is willing to take through patience, hard work, and much dedication to her craft.

Need a dress for a formal event? Heading to a gala? Need your beau in his best suit and tie? This woman has got you covered 'til it's time to say farewell to the night.

Away from the shop, you may find her exploring the wonders of the glittering kingdom that stands before her waiting to be fathomed. Truly, it'll be a hell of an adventure. Won't you join?

But most importantly: are you worthy to?

{Independent OC blog for The Great Gatsby.}

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"This is a tumblr hug :) Pass it on to at least 10 of your favorite followers and remember don’t break the chain (◕‿◕✿)",

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can we just stay in bed, fuck and cuddle and kiss for like 2 weeks

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"Dip your pen into your arteries and write."

—William Allen White (via bookishleaves)

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If you could rename my blog, what would you change my URL to?

// to post a munday photo or to not. that is the question

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1. Thou Shalt Not Assume Background Knowledge of Characters

2. Thou Shalt Not God Mode or Power Play

3. Thou Shalt Communicate With Thine Partners

4. Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder (Of Partner’s Characters Unless Discussed)

5. Thou Shalt Not Send Anonymous Hate

Simple rules to live by in the roleplaying world. If you have more then feel free to add. This is essentially a public service announcement of some simple roleplaying rules to ensure everyone has a good time. I understand that this is really just playing, but that doesn’t mean you can be a dick or you can go without playing well.

6. Thou shalt not force ships upon another mun or character

7. Thou shalt tag their smut

8. Thou Shalt Read, Respect and Follow The Rules of Thine RP Partner

9. Thou Shalt Not Reblog a Thread Thou is Not Involved in

10. Thou Shalt Not Shame Thine Fellow RPer for Thy Preferences

11.  Thou shall not badger a parter for a reply

12.  Thou shall not badger a fellow rper for their crossover ship.

// ahh marina is a cutie. [ Exhibit A ]

"she gave me 20",

Anonymous asked.

// i’m a bit confused



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