She's the talk of the town. Haven't you heard?

Catherine Lovell is a fashion designer quickly ascending her way into fame, living in the heart of New York City and it's dazzling penchant for wealth and opportunity. In the twenties anything could happen and that's a chance this lovely lady is willing to take through patience, hard work, and much dedication to her craft.

Need a dress for a formal event? Heading to a gala? Need your beau in his best suit and tie? This woman has got you covered 'til it's time to say farewell to the night.

Away from the shop, you may find her exploring the wonders of the glittering kingdom that stands before her waiting to be fathomed. Truly, it'll be a hell of an adventure. Won't you join?

But most importantly: are you worthy to?

{Independent OC blog for The Great Gatsby.}

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// i’m putting this blog on haitus until i get the muse for catherine back. sorry.

Angst Meme


Under the cut are 30 angsty prompts. Send me “Gimme Angst!” and I’ll generate a number to see what we get!

Warning! Triggers are throughout these plots (such as rape, suicide, ect.)

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Title: Boom Clap
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{ I made a blog for all my out of character posts. I’d rather not clutter this one with nonsense. The link is mxn-cure }


     K A R I N A    G A T T I

everyone has a past, not everyone wants to remember it

 I take it off, I put it on

                   I feel alive when i transform

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// fuck im watching artRAVE and born this way is next

im not ready

she’s singing mary jane holland now 


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Goddess of Batpigs please take me to your leader.









// fuck im watching artRAVE and born this way is next

im not ready

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